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I am waving my hand and welcoming you into my world of majestic wonders.

Well, when my mom gave me life, she named me Georgina and so my name is Georgina.

Currently living, you know.


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tryna hug tall people like 


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studies show its always my fault

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if you tell someone ‘no’ and they respond with “FINE……….” or “guess ill be all alone….” or “its okay im used to having my hopes crushed…….” or any of that guilt-inducing passive aggressive fuckery, cut them straight out of your life because you never deserve to feel bad for setting boundaries or speaking your mind.

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— Ricky Gervais  (via w-ildfires)

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Dentist: *Has multiple things in your mouth*

"So how’s school?"

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when an animal doesn’t like me it really impacts my self esteem 

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